A Christian
“The level of teaching and understanding at THE LIVING WORD MINISTRIES is fantastic. Having been a person with a limited knowledge of  who the 'true' Israelites were; I am now learning day by day the truth. Through THE LIVING WORD MINISTRIES  my life is being changed by the power of the Set- Apart-Spirit I now have a greater value for the work done by MESSIYAH while he was on the earth.  I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come into contact with  by phone or mail. Thank you!”
As a Hebrew Israelite
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a Ministry you can trust. THE LIVING WORD MINISTRIES was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of teaching and patience of the Ministers in explaining these truths of the Bible was amazing. They would show me the scriptures and let me read it for myself; my life is so much richer thanks to THE LIVING WORD MINISTRIES.  Please keep up the outstanding work that you are doing!”
I am a Gentile
“I always had the view that  the original Israelites were a dark skinned people. I read it in the Bible but I kept it quietly in my heart. I continued to search the Bible and more and more evidences appeared; but one day a good friend introduced me to THE LIVING WORD MINISTRIES. This has changed my whole life and I now believed that the Israelites are still here on the earth. The staff made me feel so comfortable as they explain these things to me. May the Most High continue to protect and watch over his 'Chosen People' the black Hebrew Israelites”
 The Name of YAH declared in Botswana- Africa. August-2010
''Greeting in the Name of our Father YAH who sent you to declare his name to us.
We are so blessed to know the Name of our Father and the Name of his Son
YAHOSHUA our lives will never be the same. YAH is blessing us and the new assembly which was formed since your coming. We will remember all the healings. May YAH and YAHOSHUA continue to bless you and your family as you continue to do his will''
Hebrew Israelite Heritage Conference - Romford January 2011
Initial reports from the First ever Hebrew Israelite Heritage Conference clearly shows that it was a massive success. It saw the coming together of Hebrew Israelites from several parts of the United Kingdom to Worship ALMIGHTY YAH and to celebrate OUR salvation in YAHOSHUA  MessiYAH. The Hebrews shared  their experiences on how they came back to the way of OUR FATHER  YAH. LOOK OUT FOR INDIVIDUAL TESTIMONIES - COMING SOON
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